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Know Who I Am

A B2C and B2B marketing leader with 20+ years of experience managing brand experiences in such diverse corporate environments as manufacturing, insurance and healthcare. A digital innovator with a proven track record of growth and profitability. A strategist responsible for advertising in the US and internationally; reshaping brands; and the developing, implementing and measuring content strategies for digital/social media. A leader with a passion for empowering teams to maximize objectives.

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Collaborative potential energizes me. Whether it be within organizations, or cooperative partnerships that fuel innovation. I have a passion for challenging leadership opportunities, applying skills in brand shaping, digital marketing, and creative problem solving to innovate experiences for customers and maximize profits.

my passions
  • developing people

    It’s vitally important to know what drives individual team members. You need to know people to inspire them to bring their personal best to any team effort.

  • travel

    Global business starts with a mutual respect for culture, history and shared human interests.

  • visual arts organization support

    We learn visually, we think visually, and we must preserve our history of visual artifacts, expressions and lessons for all.

  • Korean martial arts

    I have two very distinctive children who excelled in Kuk Sol Do. They inspired me to participate, providing unique discipline, form and the personal development.

    “It’s not a sport, Dad, it’s an Art.”

  • Animation / VR

    Animation is a therapy for me. It’s like testing out creation on any imaginable scale. Virtual and augmented reality brings it one step further into a world from which we can interpret and learn.


Know What I’ve Accomplished

I’ve been fortunate to take a non-linear career path. Each role has provided a challenge unlike any other. In fluid-systems manufacturing, appreciating the intense safety requirements and never-fail demands of customers inspired the creation of a new brand strategy and brand expression carried out by corporate communications and more than 80 independent distributors around the world. The challenges of a non-profit healthcare environment demanded intense resourcefulness and constant diplomacy to build the next-generation social tool for pediatric patients. Providing consumers with unparalleled online tools and experiences in the insurance services buying process required extensive customer insights and analysis to generate business results. All of these experiences have a common thread: success comes when you understand and know your customers--internal customers and end customers.

Director, Global Brand Management
  • Swagelok
  • USA

Leads global brand management, executive communications, external communications, customer storytelling and customer insight.

  • Responsible for the strategic positioning of the Swagelok brand architecture, brand voice and creative treatments in sales, marketing, and communications materials as well as facility interiors and exteriors.
  • Manages Swagelok’s enterprise-wide communications content strategy and global marketing system.
  • Oversees global measurement of customer satisfaction and sentiment and development of customer experience strategies and enterprise initiatives.
  • Leads international teams to create and manage a unified Swagelok experience at 200 sales and service centers around the globe.

Led an initiative to revitalize the brand, uncovering its essential elements beneath successive layers of creative treatments, themes and campaigns. The development process consisted of an extensive inventory of brand expressions; research with customers, associates and leadership; a new brand platform in the form of a narrative; a new creative treatment and brand essence video; brand guidelines; and an enterprise-wide training roll out with cross-functional internal audiences and over 200 sales and service centers.

Created an Addy Award winning, first-ever representation of the Swagelok story based on two dozen interviews with company executives and directors, documentary-style photographs, and design reflective of the new brand. We produced a visually stunning 24-page annual report together with a dozen one-minute video interviews with executives presented to customers via social media channels and distributor marketing-communications campaigns.

Initiated a shift from corporate-led mass communications to targeted communications on local and regional levels. Empowered and equipped distributor marketing communications professionals with creative assets available through a central digital portal and online ad-builder software; and trained them through a program of webinars and global conferences.

Formed a global communicator's network that cultivates collaboration among a 90-person network of distributor marketing communications professionals, providing opportunities to share best practices.

Director, eBusiness and Knowledge Management
  • Swagelok
  • USA

Provided leadership in eBusiness in a cross-functional team of Communications, IS and Marketing.

Provided the advancement and development of Swagelok websites, social media and online experience. Championed the need for enhancing the online experience through user-centered design.

Provided leadership in the development of an enterprise-wide knowledge sharing program: the program emphasized the sharing of knowledge through collaboration technologies, user-centered design, and enterprise taxonomies by which the company organizes its structures of knowledge.

Team Lead, Web Architect
  • Progressive Insurance
  • USA

Established a new website and related web experience team for Progressive Commercial Auto - progressivecommercial.com.

Managed the development and measurement of online marketing for Commercial Vehicle Insurance line.

Provided strategic recommendations with respect to online marketing, customer experience, and related off-line marketing projects.

Championed emergent interactive technologies to position the Progressive product and brand an industry leader.

Managed development of online projects for progressivecommercial.com. Provide business requirements to IT for project development and identify opportunities for integration of new technology.

Manager, Interactive Marketing
  • University Hospitals
  • USA

Managed the Organization brand strategy in respect to building web presence for 6 major hospitals and 95 medical service lines. www.uhhospitals.org

Supervised strategic development of current and new interactive initiatives.

Manages IT contractors for special projects, website maintenance and enhancements.

Established the Pediatric Closed Circuit Television Program: "The Rainbow Channel", a hospital-wide closed circuit television for pediatric patients and families. The Rainbow Channel provides education and entertainment alternatives to commercial television.

In addition, I established a Pediatric Television program at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago – “THE KALEIDOSCOPE NETWORK”


Know My Breadth and Depth

I am energized when I have the opportunity to develop strategies and bring them to life on a path to the solution and results. I also love to get under the hood to learn how things work. There are several special tools and services that I have acquired and used throughout my career that still serve me today.


    B2C and B2B Branding

    Brand Development

    Corporate Brand Management

    Customer Experience Development

    Customer Research

    Employment Branding

    Identity & Design

    Branded Experiences (Trade Shows, Retail Environments)

Marketing Communications


Lead Generation

Marketing Management

Marketing Research

Marketing Strategy

Multi-Channel Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Direct Marketing

Content Marketing

Competitive Analysis


Online Advertising

Marketing Automation

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Information Architecture

IT Management

Creative Direction

Art Direction



Design Strategy

Interactive Media


User Experience Design

Corporate Communications

Knowledge Management / Knowledge Sharing

Strategic Communications

Change Management

Internal Communications

Business Planning

Business Intelligence

Data Visualization

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Planning


Know What I Bring

Someone once asked if I would hire someone smarter than me.

I will always answer that question with a big "yes."

I believe the best skill I have is leading people. As a leader, it’s my job to provide opportunities for talented people to make a difference for the company and themselves. That’s the accountability of leadership. On the technology front, I have a ravenous appetite to explore and envision how business outcomes can be enhanced by new products and solutions.

international team results
Innovation / Ideation
Brand Strategy & Brand Architecture
Creative Direction
Critical Thinking
Public Speaking
Account Management
Agency Management
Event Management
Product Marketing


Know My Work

Here are samples which showcase my leadership of brand and the execution of creative ideas.

Annual Report
corporate communications
2013 New Brand Platform - release video
corporate communications
2014 Local Super Bowl Spot
2014 Bloodhound Rocket Car
Television Spot

In working with Bill on Endeca technologies, I've come to understand he has a natural business aptitude with a unique ability to see ideas from many viewpoints an assess their value.

It's my belief that his vision will take him to the top of whatever he chooses and Swagelok is lucky to have him.

Michael C Cauley
Global Partnership Manager - 2Checkout

Bill is a great leader who pays attention to details. I worked with Bill on rolling out a website for Rainbow Babies hospital which was a huge undertaking and Bill always had everything under control.

I was fortunate to work with Bill afterwards on several additional websites for University Hospitals. Bill was a pleasure to work with and very detail oriented. I'd jump at the opportunity to work with him again.

Russel Stieb
CEO, Orizonti Group

Bill's work as Team lead for the PCA Team has been outstanding. Bill has a talent for finding ways to capitalize on emerging UX technologies and seamlessly integrating them into our practices.

Not only has he displayed solid leadership and project development skills, he is also a true innovator on our team.

Jon Walter
UX Architect - Rockwell Automation


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